sea transport

10 ships and watercraft that “break” traditional ideas about this type of transport
People in ancient times learned to overcome small and large water. Since then, water transport has occupied an important niche in the life of mankind. Technological progress and even the…

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Shadow Crewing Scheme
In 2014, 10 sailors returned to Odessa, led by Captain Vasily Pariy. They worked for half a month on the vessel Vitoria7, owned by the Greek company Maritime Management Synergy…

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Suez Canal
Suez Canal (Arabic: قناة السويس, Qanā al-Suways), located west of the Sinai Peninsula, has a length of 163 kilometers. The canal is located in Egypt between Port Said (Būr Sa'īd)…

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Smart solar powered catamaran for exploring the depths of the sea

British researchers are going to study underwater geysers at the bottom of the Celtic Sea, using the innovative “smart” C-Enduro catamaran, powered by solar energy.

One of the most poorly studied seas in the world is the Celtic Sea, which washed the waves of Ireland, France and Great Britain and enters the Atlantic Ocean basin. Scientists are very interested in geothermal sources scattered on the bottom of this sea, as well as the forms of life that live near underwater geysers. Continue reading

A life-saving pillow bracelet with which you can not be afraid to drown

A group of designers from the United States created an unusual bracelet, endowing it with the functions of a life buoy. In the event of an emergency, just a click of a button is enough to allow the gadget to stay on the water

American craftsmen launched a fundraiser for a new gadget that will ensure the safety of swimmers. The device is called KINGII and is, in fact, a lifeline that is worn on the arm and works on the principle of inflatable armrest pads for small children. Continue reading

Inflatable pontoon capsule, significantly increasing the chances of survival on the high seas

The salvation of drowning, as claimed, a classic, the work of the drowning themselves. But rescue will become much more effective if there is a new development on board the ship – the inflatable pontoon capsule SeaKettle. Now, in just a few minutes, among the raging waves, you can expand the tent and escape from the elements in it, waiting for rescuers. Continue reading

7 amazing underwater cities that actually exist

The legend of Atlantis – an ancient, once great city that plunged into the depths of the ocean – is known, perhaps, to everyone. But it turns out that such mysterious and stunning underwater cities actually exist.

1. Port Royal, Jamaica

Port Royal, founded in 1518, was the center of easy-going ladies, booze, round-the-clock parties and piracy. It was once considered “the most evil and sinful city in the world.” Continue reading

SPA-procedures that can be obtained while relaxing at sea for free

People always went to the sea to improve their health. To spend a week or two at sea is very useful. In addition to the sea breeze, sunbathing and the ability to swim as much as one’s soul (and body) desires, a person receives daily SPA procedures at sea, which even the most expensive salon cannot offer. In this review, we will focus on SPA-opportunities for relaxing on the coast, which you can use right on the beach. Continue reading

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7 amazing underwater cities that actually exist
The legend of Atlantis - an ancient, once great city that plunged into the depths of the ocean - is known, perhaps, to everyone. But it turns out that such…


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