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Tragedies with thousands of victims: 5 worst marine disasters of the 20th century
The sea can be merciless. At all times, it was customary to destroy dozens and hundreds of sailors at a time. But what if the sea decides to take more…

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Convenient flag - cons
Seafarers who have contacted such companies and as a result got onto ships under the “convenient” flag (that is, under the flag of a country where super liberal liberal tax…

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Other abbreviations
Coordinated Universal Time (FTC Temps Universel Coordonné; UTC) is the standard by which society regulates hours and time. It differs by an integer number of seconds from atomic time and…

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Ship Types – FPSO

FPSO is a floating system for the extraction, storage and unloading of petroleum products. It is one of a number of different types of floating systems used today in the oil and gas industry.

Outwardly, it resembles a vessel, but it was designed in a completely different way and it carries not only all the necessary products and technological equipment, usually related to the platform of fixed oils and gas production platform, but also tanks for crude oil extracted from wells on the seabed. Continue reading

Ferry Viking Grace

The name M / S Viking Grace, in our opinion, reflects the graceful style, design and mood.

The voyage on this ship will be filled with content and pleasures, which are reflected in the elegant and tastefully decorated interior.

Since the new ferry will travel within the beautiful archipelago, we paid special attention to the environmentally friendly concept, ”said Michael Bakman, Executive Director of Viking Line. Continue reading

Next Generation Ferry

FSUE “Rosmorport” has begun to agree on a draft of a new sea railway – car – passenger ferry for the Ust – Luga – Baltiysk – Sassnitz line, designed to provide autonomous communications between the Kaliningrad region and other regions of the Russian Federation on the Baltiysk – Ust – Luga line.

The project is being developed at Vympel Design Bureau OJSC with the participation of Russian and foreign design organizations. Continue reading

Proofreading materials

Nautical charts, directions, hydrometeorological aids and other navigation guidelines can only ensure navigational safety of navigation if they are constantly maintained at the present level by updating them.

Therefore, the timely identification and receipt of all significant changes for the sailors on the terrain that occurred after the publication of the manuals is very important in improving the quality of the latter. Continue reading

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Seismic ship Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Initially, dynamite was the sound source for marine seismic exploration. Due to its obvious danger, pneumatic guns were later used as a source. The accumulation of seismic data is a…


Merchant shipping
Trump shipping, and with it the institute of chartering ships, originated in the Mediterranean basin during the early Middle Ages. In those days, charter agreements were concluded in the form…


On the certification of sailors of Ukraine
The inclusion of Ukraine in the “white list” requires special responsibility, high professionalism, clarity and coordination in the work without the right to mistake of all structural units involved in…


SPA-procedures that can be obtained while relaxing at sea for free
People always went to the sea to improve their health. To spend a week or two at sea is very useful. In addition to the sea breeze, sunbathing and the…