sea transport

Ship's courses relative to the wind
The heading of the vessel relative to the wind is the angle between the direction of the wind and the diametrical plane of the vessel, that is, the heading angle…

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10 wrecks with a sad wreck
Since the dawn of human history, navigation has occupied a large niche in the lives of people. However, the sea can be ruthless and very cruel. All this time, due…

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About units
Nautical Mile - a unit of length equal to one arc minute of the meridian. Due to the fact that the Earth has the shape of a spheroid, this length…

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Why do sea mines have “horns” and is it possible to touch such people

There are many types of sea mines, but most of them have something in common. We are talking about those “horns” sticking out in all directions. At the level of general erudition, one can guess what it is. If so, it will be interesting to find out exactly how they function.

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Why the speed of sea transport is determined in knots

On land, speed is determined in kilometers or miles per hour, but when it comes to measuring the speed of water transport, the count is kept in some mysterious “nodes”. Where did this name come from and what does it correspond to in our time. In order to understand this, one should turn to maritime tradition and history.

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The man was washed overboard, but he remembered the reception of US special forces with his pants and lasted 3 hours in the ocean to the rescue

Water is the source of life on Earth, but at the same time it is one of the most insidious substances for humans. Especially when it comes to ponds or seas. To be overboard is a nightmare of a traveler. It was in this situation that the German Arne Mürke fell. And he would already be in the next world, if not for his ingenuity and knowledge of one technique of fur seals. Continue reading

Shipping requires protection from pirates!

This is an excerpt from another on-duty article on piracy. Written naturally by an expert, with links to the opinions of many other similar experts.

If you start searching the web for materials on the problem of maritime piracy, you will immediately come across this whole set, in different variations, in different words, of different authors, but the same in meaning – we must fight piracy, we need long-term solutions, we must effectively to chase and plant pirates. Continue reading

The seas and oceans of the planet

The area of ​​the oceans is 71% of the surface area of ​​the Earth.

The Southern Ocean is the fourth largest ocean in the Earth surrounding Antarctica.

Although the concept of the Southern Ocean is not widespread in Russia and its territory is divided between the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific, in 2000 the International Hydrographic Union adopted a division into five oceans, and this has its own logic. Continue reading

10 ships and watercraft that “break” traditional ideas about this type of transport
People in ancient times learned to overcome small and large water. Since then, water transport has occupied an important niche in the life of mankind. Technological progress and even the…


10 wrecks with a sad wreck
Since the dawn of human history, navigation has occupied a large niche in the lives of people. However, the sea can be ruthless and very cruel. All this time, due…


Seismic ship Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Initially, dynamite was the sound source for marine seismic exploration. Due to its obvious danger, pneumatic guns were later used as a source. The accumulation of seismic data is a…


The problem of mixed crews
Sailors try not to talk about them among themselves, they are not mentioned in the offices of crewing companies, officially they seem to not exist. But they are! “They” are…