Job search for sailors
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If you have lost your luggage
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Ship's courses relative to the wind
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10 ships and watercraft that “break” traditional ideas about this type of transport

People in ancient times learned to overcome small and large water. Since then, water transport has occupied an important niche in the life of mankind. Technological progress and even the creation of aviation not only did not reduce the number of ships, but, on the contrary, contributed to the emergence of more and more unusual varieties.

1. Scissor ship

This is a scissors ship like Bottsand. Such ships were developed and manufactured by Deutsche Marine. These unusual ships are designed to collect oil spills on the surface of the water.

2. Ships on skis

And here is the creation of Marine Advanced Reasearch called Proteus WAM-V. Such “skis” are needed for the ship to significantly compensate for the effects of the waves. The ship has a moving cabin.

3. RP Flip

One-of-a-kind research vessel RP Flip. He has two modes – working and marching. The length of the ship is 108 meters. Surprisingly, RP Flip achieves high structural stability even in the open ocean.

4. Sedov

Here is the largest training sailing ship, built back in 1921. Now this 4-masted bark is used for training sailors. The ship was once handed over to the Soviet Union as reparations.

5. Dockwise Vanguard

The largest ship in the world today for the transport of heavy and superheavy cargo. The ship Dockwise Vanguard was launched back in 2013. This ship can transport oil platforms in its entirety, cargo up to 110 thousand tons, and even several smaller ships.

6. Harmony of the Seas
The length of this giant is 362 meters. Today, the ship is the largest cruise ship in the world. Built it in just 2.5 years! The ship left for the first cruise flight in May 2016. On board it are placed 6,500 passengers and 2,165 crew members.

7. Mayflower Resolution

A highly specialized engineering ship that is used to mount air turbines on water. The ship at the time of installation rises above the water with the help of special legs.

8. Seabreacher X

A jet-ski submarine with a fully pressurized cabin accelerates to an impressive 80 km / h on the surface of the water. Under water, the ship accelerates to 40 km / h.

9. Ego

The submarine Ego, which is combined with a catamaran. Perhaps one of the craziest hybrids of water transport at the moment. A boat was created exclusively for recreation.

10. Ramform Titan

Another unique science ship. The Ramform Titan vessel is used by scientists for seismological exploration. The ship stands out with its unusually wide stern – 70 meters.

Bonus: Comet

And this is a unique river rocket ship, created back in the Soviet Union in 1972 and received the proud name “Comet”.

In continuation of the topic, a story about how a floating nuclear power plant of Russia set off on its first flight frightening many foreigners.

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