International Conventions and Codes
1979 International Convention on Search and Rescue at Sea - (English International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue) (often referred to as the “ATS Convention”) was concluded in Hamburg (Federal…

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Convenient flag - cons
Seafarers who have contacted such companies and as a result got onto ships under the “convenient” flag (that is, under the flag of a country where super liberal liberal tax…

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Ship's courses relative to the wind
The heading of the vessel relative to the wind is the angle between the direction of the wind and the diametrical plane of the vessel, that is, the heading angle…

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10 wrecks with a sad wreck

Since the dawn of human history, navigation has occupied a large niche in the lives of people. However, the sea can be ruthless and very cruel. All this time, due to the stupidity and ruthlessness of people, the fate of the elements and simply unsuccessful coincidence, a huge number of very different vessels have drowned. Here are the largest of those that today lie at the bottom.

1. The Titanic
Before World War I, the Titanic was the largest passenger airliner. The ship, as is notorious, could not even complete its first voyage. A ship sank 370 miles from Newfoundland. The vaunted system of “unsinkability” of the ship helped him nothing. It happened in 1912.

2. “Mary Rose”
This ship sank another 500 years ago. He did not stay in the service of the British crown for one year. The ship was supposed to give battle to the French, but the British overdid it with the installation of guns. The vessel got too heavy and, as a result of one of the rolls, capsized, scooped up water and went to the bottom.

3. “Prince Albert”
A ship that was sunk off the coast of Honduras in 1987 intentionally. For a long time the ship was used as a transport, but over the years it rusted and began to sink. As a result, it was decided to send it to the bottom, and not to repair.

4. “Donja Paz”
This unremarkable ferry became the hero of one of the most monstrous passenger shipwrecks in history. Together with it, more than 4.3 thousand people went to the bottom in 1987. It is noteworthy that the vessel was designed only for the transport of 608 passengers.

5. “Arizona”
The American warship built at the beginning of the 20th century was sent to the bottom during the Japanese aircraft attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. “Arizona” was immediately attacked by 10 bombers. The battleship had no chance of survival. The raiders’ bombs hit the ammunition compartment. Today, a memorial and museum have been built on top of the ship.

6. “Republic”
Old american wheeled steamer. He took part in the US Civil War. The ship sank in 1965. The wreckage of the ship was lost for 140 years. They discovered the “Republic” (which, incidentally, was loaded with gold) only in 2003.

7. “Lusitania”
This passenger liner was called the “sea greyhound.” The ship was sunk as a result of the attack of a German submarine in 1915. The attack killed 1,198 passengers. It is believed that it was the attack on “Lahitania” that became the reason for the United States joining the Entente.

8. The Bismarck
The Bismarck warship became a masterpiece of German shipbuilding during World War II. The ship stayed on water for only 3 months, after which it was flooded by the British fleet. It was possible to find the place of the last shelter of the ship only in 1989.

9. “Andrea Doria”
The incredibly beautiful airliner, built in 1951, sank already in 1956. The crash happened due to a collision with the Stockholm cargo ship. Both ships were in dense fog and could not disperse in time, although they were sailing at low speed.

10. The Rhone
A huge postal and passenger ship, which rests today at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. The Rona sank in 1867. The cause of the disaster was a storm that had flown up.

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