Proofreading materials
Nautical charts, directions, hydrometeorological aids and other navigation guidelines can only ensure navigational safety of navigation if they are constantly maintained at the present level by updating them. Therefore, the…

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Why the speed of sea transport is determined in knots
On land, speed is determined in kilometers or miles per hour, but when it comes to measuring the speed of water transport, the count is kept in some mysterious “nodes”.…

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The seas and oceans of the planet
The area of ​​the oceans is 71% of the surface area of ​​the Earth. The Southern Ocean is the fourth largest ocean in the Earth surrounding Antarctica. Although the concept…

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Seafarer employment fraud

A young colleague asked me to publish one instructive story that recently happened to his friend. The story is long, but I advise you to read it to the end: Hello everyone, my name is Victor and I would like to share with readers of the Sea Site about which version of fraud when looking for a job is known to me. Perhaps this will help some of you not to get hooked by scammers. Personally, my friends and I have repeatedly come across various methods of divorce for money, and some still managed to avoid this.Perhaps some of you are already aware of the various methods of fraud. Nevertheless, it is really unpleasant when people who fall into the hands of fraudsters lose not only money, their nerves, but also time, relying on meaningless expectations, hopes for anything.

This is your first time going to work at sea, trying to go on a flight for a long time, and it doesn’t work out like that. Or you are already with experience, but you also do not add up to leaving for work. You have already bypassed almost all the crewing companies possible for you in your city several times and even visited other cities. We passed all possible tests, interviews “excellent”, according to your specialty, but no results – all by zeros.

The only options that come across to you, but alas, you have from them … .. goosebumps! Accordingly, you refused them, and rightly so! Who wants to go on old ships, which are 40-50 years old.
Vessels in critical condition, the hull of which is already literally cracking at the seams, lifeboats weigh on the sides of the vessel for decoration, and not for safety.
Trying to lower such boats into the water can lead to adverse consequences that will entrain all crew members into an unforgettable adventure. In fact, the ship should already be sinking. In raid parking, such ships look like “ghost ships” with the living dead on board.

Shipowners do not wet enough funds in ships. Trying to squeeze everything from them to the last drop until the ship goes to the bottom, or, with luck, the ship goes to the needles before it drowns.
And the crew will be lucky if they survive, safely return home to their families and forget the nightmare that they experienced. And they will not lose the desire to go on a flight again. Small salaries, and that which does not pay, no supply, no proper nutrition. Complete chaos!

And the worst thing for most of those who fell into the above maelstrom of adverse events is experience, after which it is difficult to get a job in a decent company.
People fall into situations of hopelessness, of their own stupidity and naivety! In any case, be vigilant and demand all the information you need to know about your future contract.

Now it is very difficult to go on a flight. Especially for those who want to leave on their first flight. But even sailors with decent experience can sometimes find it difficult to find a decent job.
At the moment, in our country, the number of seafarers is increasing with each graduation from higher maritime institutions or courses of navigation. And everyone wants to go to sea as quickly as possible. People are willing to pay any money for going on a flight. And the scammers take advantage of the current difficulties of sailors.

Everyone knows that you can go on a flight for money, and sailors try to find different options. For example, they try to find independent intermediaries of crewing companies or someone tries to negotiate directly with the company. But not every crewing will go to the meeting so immediately agree to take money from you and start cooperating. This is where intermediaries appear. Next, one of the cases happened to my friend.

My friend also tried to go on a flight for a very long time, but did not succeed. Once he turned up an option, which at first glance it was impossible to refuse.
Friends advised me to turn to a person who works as an intermediary with several crewing companies, he has good connections and can help without any problems. My friend was assured that the intermediary had been sending sailors for a long time and that he could be trusted. To begin with, my friend decided to just meet with this person and talk to him personally. Further, I describe all the steps in stages.

Stage One. The mediator made an appointment in a decent cafe. They met, the intermediary treated my friend with coffee, moreover, he offered to have lunch at his expense. The man introduced himself as an independent intermediary of large crewing companies. It looks like a harmless and quite decent person, well-dressed, in a decent car, competent speech, a business acumen is felt.

Stage Two. He made an offer to my friend, which was difficult to refuse. He assured that, without any problems, literally within one or two months he could send him on a flight to a good vessel with a good salary.
He named several names of deputy directors of different companies and assured that he works directly with them and has no problems sending him.

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Seafarer employment fraud
A young colleague asked me to publish one instructive story that recently happened to his friend. The story is long, but I advise you to read it to the end:…