About units
Nautical Mile - a unit of length equal to one arc minute of the meridian. Due to the fact that the Earth has the shape of a spheroid, this length…

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Inflatable pontoon capsule, significantly increasing the chances of survival on the high seas
The salvation of drowning, as claimed, a classic, the work of the drowning themselves. But rescue will become much more effective if there is a new development on board the…

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Seafarer employment fraud
A young colleague asked me to publish one instructive story that recently happened to his friend. The story is long, but I advise you to read it to the end:…

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Next Generation Ferry

FSUE “Rosmorport” has begun to agree on a draft of a new sea railway – car – passenger ferry for the Ust – Luga – Baltiysk – Sassnitz line, designed to provide autonomous communications between the Kaliningrad region and other regions of the Russian Federation on the Baltiysk – Ust – Luga line.

The project is being developed at Vympel Design Bureau OJSC with the participation of Russian and foreign design organizations. The technical and operational requirements adopted during the development for the project under development provide for fundamentally new solutions that meet advanced technologies that have no analogues in the history of domestic shipbuilding.

The ferry is designed to provide freight rail and road transportation in the Western Sea Basin of our country, taking into account the projected economic situation in accordance with the instructions of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation on the organization of sustainable transport links between the Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions.

It will become the most important link in the ferry service between the Russian ports of Ust – Luga and Baltiysk, where, in accordance with the Federal Target Program “Modernization of the Transport System of Russia (2002–2010),” modern automobile and railway terminals have already been built. In addition, a stable ferry connection will be provided with Western Europe, in particular with the German port of Sassnitz.

Railcar layout

The project was presented by the head of the Fleet Construction and Repair Department of FSUE “Rosmorport” (the customer of this project) V. Štrambrand, the general director of the Vympel design and development bureau V. Shatalov and the ferry designer S. Milavin.

The presented concept of the project as a whole was approved by the Rosmorrechflot management. The state importance of fulfilling the task of building this ferry to ensure transport security of the Kaliningrad region, the enclave of the Russian Federation, was especially emphasized. Cargo and passenger ferries of such complexity are designed for the first time in Russia.
The vessels will provide transportation on three cargo decks of up to 136 wagons – tanks with a length of 12.02 m (107 freight wagons with a base of 14.73 m) or up to 90 trailers with a length of 16.5 m (600 cars).
At the same time, 332 passengers can be accommodated on board (292 economy class passengers in 96 cabins and 40 passengers in luxury, business and family cabins).

Ferry location scheme

Cargo spaces will be equipped with devices and systems enabling the transport of dangerous goods. Strength of the hull and ice penetration of the vessel will ensure the operation of the ferry in the winter conditions of the Gulf of Finland without icebreaking, which is fundamentally important for work at the port of Ust – Luga.

The main characteristics of the vessel:

the greatest length is 200.4 m;

length between perpendiculars – 189.0 m;

width – 27.0 m;

board height – 10.0 m;

settlement draft – 6.5 m;

length of railway tracks – 1770 m;

the length of the cargo deck auto deck – 3450 m;

speed in operation – 20 knots .;

power of the SEU – 2 × 11600 kW.

RS class: KM (*) Arc4 AUT1-ICS OMBO ECO-S Ro-ro passenger ship

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