Inflatable pontoon capsule, significantly increasing the chances of survival on the high seas
The salvation of drowning, as claimed, a classic, the work of the drowning themselves. But rescue will become much more effective if there is a new development on board the…

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Next Generation Ferry
FSUE “Rosmorport” has begun to agree on a draft of a new sea railway - car - passenger ferry for the Ust - Luga - Baltiysk - Sassnitz line, designed…

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Accident of the tugboat Neftegaz-67
On March 22, 2008, two ships collided in the Hong Kong Strait - the Chinese Yao Hai and the Ukrainian tugboat Neftegaz-67. In the South China Sea, work began on…

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Emergency disembarkation

The first problem that occurs in a shipwreck is panic. Calculations show that the probability of salvation during organized abandonment of a ship is higher than panic from 4 to 47 times (depending on the rescue craft).

The decision to leave is taken only by the captain.

Landing in boats and rafts is carried out only at his command.Among the preliminary protective measures, the passenger should remember the road from his cabin to the lifeboats to the upper deck, as well as the location of lifejackets and lifebuoys).

It is very difficult to navigate during a disaster, especially with smoke and roll of the vessel.


Boats are primarily reserved for women, children, the wounded and the elderly. It is allowed to take with you: documents, matches or a lighter, a blanket, personal medicines, money. All other items and personal items are prohibited. The captain is the last to leave the ship.

The collapse of the Titanic

Titanic after a collision with an iceberg

When disembarking from a ship:

– put on more clothing (even in the warm season), including gloves, beret, a protective suit made of waterproof fabric on top;

– wear a life jacket;

– if possible, land dry;

– if you are forced to jump, it is advisable from a height of not more than 5 meters, covering your mouth and nose with one hand, holding the other firmly on the vest;

– as soon as possible it will move away from the sinking vessel – when it is submerged, a whirlpool is formed;

– since in the water with each movement the heat loss increases, swim only to the rescue vehicle;

– if circumstances permit, load blankets and extra clothes, an emergency radio, and additional drinking water.

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