Seismic ship Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Initially, dynamite was the sound source for marine seismic exploration. Due to its obvious danger, pneumatic guns were later used as a source. The accumulation of seismic data is a…

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Ferry Viking Grace
The name M / S Viking Grace, in our opinion, reflects the graceful style, design and mood. The voyage on this ship will be filled with content and pleasures, which…

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Seafarer employment fraud
A young colleague asked me to publish one instructive story that recently happened to his friend. The story is long, but I advise you to read it to the end:…

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Accident of the tugboat Neftegaz-67

On March 22, 2008, two ships collided in the Hong Kong Strait – the Chinese Yao Hai and the Ukrainian tugboat Neftegaz-67.

In the South China Sea, work began on lifting the sunken Ukrainian ship. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Transport, the rescue operation is ongoing, Mayak reports. At the same time, cables are started for the possible raising of the tanker.These works must be carried out before the arrival of the most powerful floating crane in Asia. This is due to happen soon.

The media reported that Hong Kong authorities stopped the search and rescue operation in the area of ​​the Ukrainian ship that sank a week ago because of concerns about the life of divers. 15 crew members are still missing.

Shame on the Chinese who “did not hear” SOS.

And the surviving Ukrainian sailors from Neftegaz still remain in Hong Kong. Help rescuers

The head of the radio station of the ship “Neftegaz-67” Vyacheslav Makarevich accused the Chinese cargo ship of not responding to the challenges of the sinking Ukrainian trawler.
This is an unprecedented event, say Ukrainian captains. If the fact is proved, the name of the Chinese captain will be covered in shame. This is the worst thing for a sailor, because he risks never returning to the sea.

The rescued sailors claim that after the collision a Chinese ship proceeded past a sinking ship and arrived at the port as if nothing had happened. They managed to save 6 Ukrainian sailors and one member of the Chinese crew. The bodies of two Ukrainians are identified. 16 are reported missing.

The surviving members of the Neftegaz-67 team will not be able to quickly recover from the shock after the tragedy in the South China Sea.

The ship that collided with Neftegaz-67 is still postponed and their return home. In Beijing, documents have not yet been completed. But the main reason is the continuation of the rescue operation.

Apparently, they will have to stay in Hong Kong until the end of the rescue work. Team members live in a hotel and constantly help rescuers, investigators.

On Thursday, they testified at the prosecutor’s office for more than seven hours, drove to the crash site, Yury Avdeev, press secretary of the Chernomorneftegaz company, told the newspaper.

The sailors will return with the members of the expert commission working on the scene of the disaster. “Chernomorneftegaz” – the owner of “Naftogaz-67” will allocate to the families of the dead and missing sailors 100 thousand UAH. The question remains, will the Ukrainian side seek compensation?

– All vessels are insured. The state in this situation has nothing to do with it. We are talking about litigation between shipowners, ”says Mikhail Ilyashev, Managing Partner of Ilyashev & Partners Law Firm. – The Chinese ship was obliged to provide assistance for a fee.
If their guilt is proved in court, the injured party may demand material compensation for direct and indirect losses. But if no one pleads guilty, the trial may take years.

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