The first villa with a view of the underwater world appeared in the Maldives
There are many unusual and luxurious hotels and villas for vacationers. But they all did not stand next to the house that appeared in the Maldives. The new mansion will…

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International Conventions and Codes
1979 International Convention on Search and Rescue at Sea - (English International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue) (often referred to as the “ATS Convention”) was concluded in Hamburg (Federal…

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Expression of the seven seas
Seven Seas (Eng. Seven Seas) - idiomatic expression, since ancient times means the oceans as a whole. The expression “Seven Seas” (as, for example, in the phrase “sailing for Seven…

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International organizations

An important role in the regulation of social and labor relations, in the formation and development of social partnership (dialogue) is played by the International Labor Organization.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) was created in 1919 as a public organization of workers at the League of Nations. Since 1946, the ILO has been a specialized agency of the United Nations.The Soviet Union joined the ILO in 1934 and left it in 1940 in connection with the outbreak of World War II. Our country rejoined the ILO in 1954.

After the collapse of the USSR, Russia, as its successor in international affairs, became a member of the ILO. The working languages ​​of the ILO are French and English, with headquarters in Geneva. In the capitals of the largest countries, including Moscow, there are ILO offices. The ILO currently unites 174 countries.

The main task of the ILO is that men and women have the opportunity to get decent productive work in conditions of freedom, equality, economic security and human dignity. Importantly, decent work is at the forefront of all four of the ILO’s strategic objectives: promoting labor rights; employment; social protection; social dialogue.

The ILO is distinguished from all international organizations by its tripartite structure. Each country participates in it by representatives of the government, workers and entrepreneurs. The supreme body of the ILO is the General Conference; the executive body is the Governing Body, which oversees the work of the secretariat, the International Labor Office (ILO). The ILO is the working body of the ILO and operates continuously.

The ILO collects and disseminates information, assists governments at their request, runs ILO technical cooperation programs, and conducts specialized research.

The basis of civilized relations between social partners should be the principles developed by the International Labor Organization:

1. A universal and lasting peace can only be established on the basis of social justice.

2. Failure to provide workers in any country with human working conditions is an obstacle for other countries wishing to improve the situation of workers.

3. Freedom of speech and freedom of association are necessary conditions for continuous progress.

4. Poverty anywhere threatens global welfare.

5. All people, regardless of race, faith and gender, have the right to material well-being and spiritual development in conditions of freedom and dignity, the stability of the economy and equal opportunities.

6. Full employment and improving living standards.

7. In the socio-moral sense, labor is not a commodity.

An important role in the legal regulation of social and labor relations is played by ILO conventions and recommendations. They form the International Labor Code.
The legal force of the conventions becomes binding on the national legislation of a member country of the ILO only if they are ratified at the state level. ILO recommendations are not subject to ratification, but serve as one of the real guidelines for the development of this legislation.

The national legislation of countries that have ratified the ILO Conventions must ensure the mandatory implementation of their norms or their expansion, i.e. improving the situation of workers. Deterioration of the situation of workers is unacceptable. .

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